Monday, May 5, 2008

One Year and A Day

So, my fiancee and I have dating for one year yesterday.  He is wonderful. Utterly the best man I've ever met.  He took me to sushi yesterday (we met at a sushi restaurant) and we had an awesome weekend together hanging out, eating, and watching Twin Peaks.
Ladies, don't settle until you find one like this one.  Stuart was totally worth the wait and trials.  He is my best buddy, my confidant, one makes me laugh, smile, and so so happy.

Baby, I love you!


Emilie and Tyler said...

Cam(b) - Cute blog!!! I love it. I'm so happy too you found such a hunk! He is so perfect for you. I'm so glad you are SO incredibly happy. You deserve to be!! I love you guys so much, and always hope you are this happy!!!
Love ya. Em

Jewels said...

The jealous petty girl in me says bah bah humbug. But the bigger happy girl in me says I'm so happy you have such a great guy in your life and finally found a man who deserves the awesomeness that is Cambria!

Hev said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary mark! He sounds like a great guy Camb! I am very happy you are doing well and are happy together. Keep me updated!
Love ya!