Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Heart Brownies

I don't know how anyone could not like brownies.  They are chewy,  soft, and they are full of chocolate.  What's not to like?  Today I brought brownies to work for an after-work baby shower.  This pan of brownies has been sitting here next to me all day taunting.  "Cambria!  Cambria!  Don't you want a brownie, Cambria?!!"  As if I am not already going to look like a freak for having two brownies missing from the pan.  Now, there might be a third.
Next to ice cream, there is no dessert I would rather have.  It could be the most exquisite delicacy from France or somewhere exotic and I would always take the brownies.  Call me a Utah girl.  Call me hoakie, but brownies are where it's at.
When I was in college I would make a pan during finals week and enjoy chew chocolately-filled hours writing papers.  No one was allowed to eat them except for me.  Not my ex-boyfriend, not my ex-roommates.  I am pretty sure I would not have shared them with my own mother (Love ya, Mom!)
I LOVE BROWNIES!. . I just realized that writing about brownies is only making me crave this pan next to me more.  I'll have to make another pan tomorrow (Love ya, Stuart.  You know I am so bad for out diet).
These brownies are making me nuts.  Ew.  That is one thing I do not LOVE, nuts in brownies.  I hope you agree, readers.  Seeing brownies with nuts is like seeing a pair of fabulous shoes on sale and then being told there are no more 8 1/2 left.
Who writes a whole blog entry about brownies?  Better yet, who reads a whole blog entry about brownies?

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Hev said...

I AGREE WITH YOU COMPLETELY! Brownies are the best a long side a big bowl of ice cream! :)