Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 Days and Counting

I am 10 school days left.  I'm not sure that it will come soon enough.  My students are basically checked-out.  I can't even get some of them to bring a pencil at this point.  What's next, their shoes?
Some people think that school teachers are lazy people who picked their career based on the words, June, July, and August.  While this might be true for some, this is one teacher who is tired, and finds that she works a lot of hours in the other months to sort of even it all out in the end.  Not to mention, I'm getting a money-itch so in no time, I'll be at my other job full-time through the beautiful summer months saying, "Thanks for calling Marriott,"
Does work ever end?  Retirement seems a long, long ways away.


Spencer and AnnaMarie said...

Hey Camb!! You look and sound so great! COngratulations on your engagement. Are there pics on here of your man? i love your list of fav books...we pretty much have the same taste! gotta love Twilight.

Betrothed said...

Photos of your man?
I bet he is hot.