Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reading Is The New Black

So yesterday, one of my favorite new authors had her new book come out.  Jen Lancaster is so funny she literally makes me laugh out loud when reading her delightful books.  Her first book was so awesome in fact, that I was trying to device a way in which I could buy the rights and write it into a screenplay.  It's that funny.  
So her new book came out yesterday (I have all my favorite modern authors' book releases penciled into my calendar.  Yes, I am that awesome.).  I want nothing more than to get out of work with my adorable teenagers and dash to the bookstore.  Only problem is that I have many obstacles in my way.  My night class (stupid Tuesdays), going to the gym, grocery shopping, and making brownies for a baby shower I am attending today (don't worry that the pan mysteriously has two brownies missing.  I'm as surprised as you).  So, with all these conflicts, I think that maybe i can still get in maybe two hours of reading before my 10 p.m. bedtime (11 p.m.).
However, when I get to the lovely Barnes n' Noble in Provo (don't ask. . .my class in is happy valley), there is no "Such a Pretty Fat" in sight.  In fact, the only book I can seem to see is Stephenie Meyer's new book.  Now I love Bella and Edward as much as the next gal, but seriously?!  Upon asking the nice, but helplessly dumb salesclerk to find my book (PRONTO!) can can't find it.  Not in the back..still not in the back.  "I'm sorry.  Do you want me to order it for you?"  yeah right.  
So, after I skip out of my class early, I drive to yet another two bookstore and it is nothing but The Host" as far as the eye can see.  Who does Stephenie Meyer think she is, anyway?  
Finally, an intelligent soul finds it (I swear, sometimes, I imagine myself in another world being a friendly book clerk.  But then I would probably turn out like the snobby record store clerks in "High Fidelity.").
Major Disaster avoided.. . .oh yeah.  I totally bought the Stephenie Meyer book too.
Books are my crack.

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