Monday, July 21, 2008

I Have More To Say

How could I go through the rest of my life and not mention the Highly Successful Shopping Adventure of Katie n' Cambria! Do I even need to tell you where this adventure took place? Why the greatest store in the world, NORDSTROM! Down in Provo at 6:50 a.m. Four hours later we left with such greatest in retail I can't even detail it all. I did buy a pair of riding boots, oh so comfortable (Stuart, watch out, there might be jean tuckage involved this fall) and the cutest grey mary janes! As the shoe-expert at my school, I'm only obligated to give the fans what they want!
Trust me, I purchased and I purchased well. I won't tell you exactly how much was spent, after all, Stuart reads this blog!
However, we did make a little wager. I have promised no more shopping in 2008, but if I slip I am not allowed ice cream for six months. To you this might seem like a some thing, but ice cream is like air to me! I am determined to keep up my end of the bargain, after all, Cold Stone just came out with a new flavor call "Heaven in a cup!" Blueberry Muffin Batter. I crave it with my whole soul. I better stop talking about it, or I'll need to abandon work to go buy some.

The Twelve Days of Matrimony. . and Bittersweet Memories

So, I am the biggest blog slacker in the universe this summer. . .and by the way, what happened to my summer. I have spent hundreds of hours packing and planning and next to no hours reading. No bueno! Oh well.
Well, it is upon us. Twelve days until I get married. AHHHH! So many emotions, so much to do, so much time still until my honeymoon (I won't be blogging then either!)
This has been a bittersweet month. My BFF, Katie and I are moving out of our cute "girl house" (Thanks, Erica!) and in the words of Monica on Friends "have to live with boys" now. Weird. Both of us are highly excited (at least Katie is going somewhere warm), but I think that the experience of living together has been priceless. I shall miss Katie, our long midnight talks, watching fashion and make-over shows, going to Olive Garden for soup (Katie) and salad (Cambria), having our own little runway shows in our house, and laughing together being silly.
Here's to us, K-Fab! (Our cell phone minutes are about to increase extensively!)
Love ya! C-Note