Friday, May 9, 2008


Last night, Stuart and I were driving home from the movies. . okay, we were actually driving home from ice cream after the movies, when all of a sudden, passing us was a car with only one headlight.  Without any hesitation, as if some instinct in me was controlling my arm, I punched Stuart as hard as I could and yelled "PERDIDDLE!"  
Poor Stuart, and his non-savvy, California-ways, was totally clueless as to why his fiancee whom he had just made happy moments before with ice cream was punching him (in all fairness, and Stuart will attest to this, I really did not punch him all that hard because I was laughing so much.  Still, the very act was confusing.). 
After I regained my composure (No I didn't), I was utterly clueless as to why Stuart had never heard of this delightful game.  My sister and I spent years giving each bruises playing this game and when I became a teenager, it was no less fun beating up my nearest and dearest friends with one hand on the wheel.
Then I thought, "maybe it's a Utah thing."  I was sure that Katie would know what it was, but when I asked her, she had never felt the joy of yelling "Perdiddle" and smacking her friends either (well, she smacked her friends, she didn't have a cool word to yell with it).  Weird, weird.
Am I the last cool person on earth (insert joke at my expense here)? 


Jewels said...

So is this just Utah's less cool version of slug bug? :)

$teve said...

I LOVE Slug Bug, Jewels...but retired as champion some 15 years ago...because it probably contributed to my brother's violent tendencies.

As for Perdiddle, it may be a Utah thing...but I have heard of it and play it when not driving (because that gets dangerous with some of my drunken hillbilly friends).

confessions of a brunette blonde said...

Ya, I called them "winkers" until I moved to Utah! My parents still have a hard time knowing what a perdiddle is.

Care said...

Lets be honest I think it is a Demke thing, I've never called it that it was "slug bug"

Camb said...

Slug Bug is totally different game. . .you guys missed it! Perdiddle is a car with only one head-light working!!