Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting To Know You

What is it about these chain emails that people get so addicted to? I am sure that I have received no less than 30 different types of "Get to know you" emails in which people pass along vital information about themselves, such as "diamonds or pearls" to their friends, who probably already know the answer anyway. "Well, thank God that I just learned that Timmy likes posies instead of tulips. I was highly misinformed and would have brought the wrong birthday bouquet for sure."
I kind of get the feeling sometimes that people often do not even read other's answers, it's simply a way for people to beat their own "score" if you will. "Last time, I was funny, but let's see if I can shock 'em too." It is sort of like those people who are in a conversation simply so they can hear themselves talk at some point and feel like they really zinged someone.
By now you will have noticed that I have now two "get to know you" entries that were sent to me. Just couldn't help myself. I had to fill them out. These posts are like email crack for people. I could be doing something totally important at work or lecturing students and as soon as I see one of these bad-boys I have to stop everything and think of my most embarrassing moment or what season really describes me.. .
Ridiculous, right?
But of course, you will probably see another "get to know me" blog. Maybe next time it will reveal what animal I would be in a former life or something.


B. said...

Did I write one of these quizes once? If not it really seems like I should.

Julie and Balta said...

You sound like such a hater! Must be the end of the school year eh?

$teve said...

Hey now, I read the answers of others...well, at least the interesting people. Not Brenda or anything... :)

Alisa said...

Hey I agree with this post yet I also still manage to bring myself to do the nutsy questionnaires. Go figure!

How are the wedding plans coming, everything running on schedule? This is what happened when I woke up to feed my son at 4 am... I blog-stalked and found yours (through Steve's).

Your (future) stepson is really adorable!

Amelia said...

You make me laugh out loud...I stalk you on occasion. Thanks for your insight.