Friday, April 4, 2008


Fellows, ya might want to sit this one out.
Ladies! You will all agree! Why do women's undergarments all have to be so complicated? As you know, I'm getting married. My bee-u-tee-ful wedding dress has a low back, hence, I need a brassiere to accommodate such. Well, guess what? I canNOT find one! I have been to every department store in my horribly ill-equipped town and everyone that I try on is a half inch too high. A half inch of misery that I can call my own. I won't lie. I am a little worried. Another stab at women's lib. Anyone have any ideas? At this point I am thinking about white duct tape.


Sally said...

I am pretty sure they have those cup things that stick to you...the fancy equal to white duct tape :) those would be more sexy anyway don't you think and more comfy!!

$teve said...

I agree with Sally.

P.S. Whattup Sally?

Camb said...

I think I finally found one. My dress fitting is on Wednesday.

B. said...

If you still need help I have a lot bra catalogs. I mean, a lot.