Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sorry but Not

Women turn into Monsters at least once a month. And they find a way to torture the poor man who is closest to them. The man who we should be kindest and gentlest to, we demand unrealistic things. "Be at my house 5 minutes ago." "Why don't we have peppermint ice cream? (Only around in December)" We say horribly rude things. "I hate you." "Why did you take me to this sushi restaurant? I wanted to go to the other one!" We sputter unfair comments and expect the perfect response. "I am SO fat!" "Do you think I look fat?" "Am I fat?"
Poor men. Like a said earlier, my darling fiance takes all this horrific and childish behavior with a smile on his face and rubs my feet in return. "I'm a bad person." I think. "Why am I being so mean?" "I love this guy and he didn't do anything to me."
But somehow, women who realize this and note their bad and VERY illogical behavior don't care and ask for more chocolate and "Sex and the City" episodes, NOW!.. .I mean please.
Ladies, you get this right?

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