Sunday, February 17, 2008

I suck

I have the greatest fiance/boyfriend/husband-to-be (which sounds right?) in the world. I mean it. Every lady claims that at the height of her engagement, but I really do.
Valentines Day, a day for suckers. Christmas and the Fourth are really the only holidays that I readily accept; and although Christmas these days is primarily a ritual for buying things, it has/and has had this togetherness/world-peace/be nice! sort of feel to it. The Fourth of July is also a time that families can come together as Americans in the name of BBQ and fire and focus on what's in important, being the best! And whether families act in this manner always or are only hunted once or twice a year by do-rightness, this holiday makes families spend time together and. . I like fireworks. My hometown has the best in the state.
Back to Valentines and these other would-be holidays. Not much to them except for money, greed, and days off (Thank you, government!). Wormy St. Valentine seems to be the worst at promoting meaningless monetary flow. I mean, I was still sipping eggnog in reindeer jammie-pants when the grocery stores were boasting their newest Spongebob and Dora card designs in aisles that not moments ago had been happy elves and battery-powered dancing snowmen.
So, I pretty much hate Valentines. It tromps on my lingering Christmas cheer and promotes unnecessary exchange of tokens of love on a single day, thus making couples feel like they really "rekindled" the old flame. yuck.
My fiance, though, in his never-ending quest to show me his love, and probably to prove me wrong, made Valentines a very big deal, with flowers (The Tuesday before, not on Valentines Day, clever move), my favorite band's new CD, dinner and ballet tickets, which I'm a sucker for. Damn it! Does that mean I have to like Valentines now? I didn't so much as whisper "Happy Valentines" all day. Should I feel guilty? Does Hallmark make belated Valentines Cards. "Sorry I didn't make you mine yesterday. BEE mine today!" With a picture of a bumble bee with little hearts on its antenna?

Whatever, I still hate it.

. . . my fiance is awesome though. We were on the fifth row.


$teve said...

My advice - Don't like the holiday. Like what it means to you. Stuage is a cool cat. You're lucky to have him. Don't worry about all the clever cards, chocolates, stuffed animals, and all that other crap. Just show him how much he means to you. That's the spirit of the "holiday" on February 14th.

P.S. Happy BEElated VD!!!

Professor T. said...

Yes, it's sad that we need a corporate holiday to tell us when to show love/spend money, however I'm always up for an excuse for a party.

Betrothed said...

“never-ending quest to show me his love”........ I thought we already decided on August 1, 2008?

Balta and Julie Morales said...

You are hilarious! And such a great writer! I'm sorry you have to waste your time with all those lousy kids who totally take you for granted! You need to be writing! Somewhere.... You will. I know it! I love you and miss you and am dying to hear about the wedding plans! Please give me an update!