Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Acorn Never Falls Far From the Tree

If you don't think that you are a direct result of your parents' personalities, think again. If you don't think that people who you've known that meet your parents and think to themselves, "oh, so that's where he/she gets it from." you are mistaken!
This is a thought that is on constant replay as the night of meet/greet/treat/beat?/defeat the parents continues to cut into my workout time. Oh well, at least I have Miles Davis to keep me company so I don't rip off my fingernails again from boredom.
Parent/Teacher Conferences is an interesting time for a teacher to do a psychology study and see her students' exterior front of "make me" attitude eveporate into timid steam as they melt into the eyes of their peeved parents and the wrath they face when they go home. . home, away from the safety of the aloofness of the classroom. A haven, that not hours ago they were cursing and thinking to themselves, "I can't wait until school's over." Funny. I didn't know so many student actually knew the word manners, let alone could use them. Having a student who gave you the "I hate you" look in second period say "yes, ma'am" is quite a thing.

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Balta and Julie Morales said...

I feel your pain sister... are we done with these students yet? I'll call you when I'm out on May 23rd and you can tell me how many days you still have to suffer through! I love ya!