Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sticks and Stones . .

You know? Whoever came up with the aforementioned statement needs to be punched (Please don't miss the irony here!). When you are little, you are taught by your mother, a teacher, some do-gooder grown-up that words are just words and that they cannot possibly affect you. . or shouldn't, because according to E. Roosevelt, no one can make you feel low without your permission. . or something cheesy like that. Fine Eleanor! You win! Guess what, my feelings get hurt when I hear from my boss that a bunch of house-wives hate me because they think I'm "harsh" with their lazy children!
Gosh! I mean, who are these people who are allowing their children to grow-up being able to be so darn sensitive and pass-the-buck-ish? How can your son failing my class be reflective on me and not that child? I consider myself a score keeper not an awarder of grades, otherwise, some of the kids getting "A"s would get "C+"s.
The funny thing is the perpetuation of a vicious cycle that is going on here. Student failing class + teacher being straight with student because he is a year away from driving and maybe that's the problem: is that we as a society are handing out driving licenses to whiners, who in turn are bad, dangerous drivers + student getting feelings hurt because he must be failing because teacher is "harsh" not because he is NOT turning ANYTHING in + mom being self-imposingly important + conversation with teacher's principal + conversation between principal and teacher = teacher getting feelings hurt. Weird.
Call me crazy, I just don't think this is a healthy way of dealing with things. If you have a problem, going to the source is always the best idea, the likelihood people are going to get their feelings hurt isn't as great as when you find out that you have been sitting in meetings with smiling grown women all year, only to find out that they secretly wish you would get dry erase marker poisoning. The best part is, this piggy-backs onto another situation with a different student who thinks I hate him. I wish I could have told my vice-principal, "I don't really care about him one way or another, I just want him to learn," but I think that may have been a little too honest.
You know? People think summer is for students, but it's really for teachers. If we didn't have a break to dust off our fractured little nerdy souls, no teacher would come back for the next batch. Is it summer yet?


demanns said...

I agree! If a C student was "awarded" an 'A' grade all of the 'A' students who earned the 'A' grade would learn not to try because they will be "awarded" with 'A' grade anyway. I think parents are praising mediocrity too much- we need to praise kids for achieving higher than average- but, most people think I am a mean parent for potty training my child before she was 2 years old.

Julie and Balta said...

I feel your pain girl... lame parents always making excuses for their lazy kids! Gotta love public education :) Hang in there. Today's my last day!

Nancy said...

Just remember that for every ninnypoo parent of a ninnypoo student, there are probably 20 more who think you are awesome. Makes you wonder why those parents ever decided to have children if they didn't want or expect to actually "parent" them. Parent FIRST, friend SECOND. Hope you have a nice break! Love you.