Thursday, January 8, 2009


This week at school has been rough. A situation happened that I got stuck in the middle of that made me realize that it really, truly is time for me to look for a new school next year. I don't know if I'm bored, tired of driving 1 hour a day (YES!), tired of middle school, or if I need new challenges, but this situation made my forthcoming decision all the easier.
Seriously, why do adults act like middle school kids? And interestingly, this week. . .my middle school kids have been acting like adults. In that regard, it's been awesome.
This situation, which as you can figure out now, I'm not going to go into in detail has made me somewhat depressed and pretty disgruntled at school, but yesterday something happened. On my way out, I ran into one of the seasoned teachers at school who has sort of taken me in under his wise wing since day one. He asked how I was, and I said okay. Then he asked how my hubby and son were. .. .And I knew that my demeanor changed in that question.
I said, awesome.
He said, that is great. You know, if you have a peaceful and fun home, that's all you need. You can make it through this job, you can make it through anything. I love going home. It's the only place where everything else doesn't matter.
He went on to tell me that he had spotted me one time out in public and had watched me with my husband and Sawyer, whose hand was wrapped around mine, and told me how close we all looked.
I almost cried.
I drove home in a quiet manner and really thought about what my wise, old friend had told me. It is so true. If you have the people you love surrounding you each day, nothing else in the world matters. You really can get through anything. Work, money, co-workers (grrrr), materialism, none of that matters when you are at home.
What a relief to know at work today, that nothing that happens to me here will have to affect me, or can creep into my peaceful home.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, I am blessed.


Care said...

Thank you for sharing your clarity, and thank you for sharing your peace in your home. I might take more advantage because we know how disfunctional my family is.

Wendy Kremin said...

Cambria, what a nice blog you wrote about your "experience". By the way does the period go inside the quotation marks or inside? You have a cute, wonderful little family. You are blessed. Love,Aunt wendy