Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cambrias Can't Stand . .

Students in December are the worst! You would think otherwise, right? You would think that teenagers, like other human beings, would feel the spirit in the air and be nice to people during the holiday season, but no!
They are sassy, greedy, and just plain rude. They have this whole "you are not the boss of me" attitude. Someone should tell them that Santa does not visit naughty girls and boys.
Six more days of school after today and I've never been more ready, the kids are really cutting in on my Christmas spirit!

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katie said...

so just for the record.

*never a post of any wedding pictures

*only one picture for sawyer's halloween costume

*no pictures of new house

*no pictures of christmas tree

*no pictures of christmas decorations...

are we seeing a pattern here...

what i am saying is that i want you to post pictures of your cute life!!!! :)

it makes me feel like i am there with you!

much love!