Tuesday, April 14, 2009

36 Days and Counting

It's Spring! . . .sort of. It's supposed to snow today, but I am positive that spring is on it's way. Yesterday was gorgeous. Stuart and I (mostly Stuart) put together our new patio set and we are so excited for the warm weather, BBQs, and having friends over.
We were quite busy over the long weekend. We put in new carpet downstairs, got new couches, did yard work, babysat Mason, cleaned and organized the playroom, I hosted a baby shower, we had Easter celebration with my family, the Easter bunny came, we registered Sawyer for kindergarten, and went shopping at Home Depot, IKEA, Ross, etc. to name a few places. We kept pretty busy this weekend but got lots and lots done. We are so excited that our little house is becoming a home! For those of you in the area, can't wait to have you stop by!

After my awesome Spring Break spent with my husband and son, I do NOT want to be at school anymore. I am basically check out now and hoping the students won't notice. I'll start putting things away. Start cleaning. I don't think they'll notice. They are pretty checked out too.

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