Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We Basically Rule

Yesterday kicked off the great Katie and Cambria Cleaning Extravaganza!. . And by cleaning, I mean getting rid of all our garbage that has been lingering in our apartment since WE MOVED THERE!
A 2 a.m. Bedtime
14 Garbage Bags
15 Yard Sale Bags
and a total of 76 pairs of shoes.
We seemed to have made some progress. I wish I could tell you I was done.

Do you have any idea what I was hanging on to?
Let me elaborate for your comic pleasure.
ALL of my college notebooks.
Two shoes boxes full of notes from friends dating all the way back to Jr. High
My fifth grade social studies project
A Christmas Shopping List from 1993
Two boxes full of Hallmark Cards
Endless stupid self-written poetry dating back to 1991
Hundreds of buttons
A random glove
Jewelry that I bought on a whim and have never worn
Love letters from my high school sweetheart
Lots of Teaching things could have helped me for the past two years
Beanie Babies
and the Bodyguard Soundtrack

. . .just to name a few items. Trust me, I am sure there is more embarrassment still to come.
Proudly though, I am giving away my most expensive shoes (that kill my feet), shoes I've never worn, shoes I've worn out, shoes that say "I used to be a hippy," and shoes that only a fifteen-year-old would wear. Sadly, I still have twelve pairs of flip-flops in my closet. How to part with Hawaii's greatest gift?
Among all the things I threw away, I also had a chick-flickesque moment of classic Hollywood in which I cut countless pictures of me and .. . well, it's just me now. What? I don't want to throw perfectly good pictures of me away!
Although, I must say, that as proud of myself as I am, I am still aghast and do not want to even entertain the thought of how many thousands of dollars I got rid of last night. My fiance says that between Katie and my things, we could paid off all our debts, or at least fed a small country. I hate to say that he might be on to something.
NEW GOAL! No more shopping this summer until July 18th, The Extraordinary Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. That's going to harder than waiting for my wedding date.

Monday, June 23, 2008

What? LIke You'd Blog If You Could Be Outside.

This is week three of summer and though I feel badly that I haven't blogged this month thus far, I can't say that I really feel all that bad. Summer has meant that I can finally relax and although I have discovered that day-time TV sucks, I have greatly decreased the amount of stress lines on face.
And when I'm not cursing out soaps or court shows I am outside or. . .
I am almost to the month mark on my wedding date, so all studies, reading, and sadly, gym time, has taken a backseat to Cambria's Wedding Week Extravaganza! Sounds like a circus doesn't it.